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Automatic Multiple Drink Straw Applicator Machine

Source:packing machines manufacturer     Date:2019-07-11 20:34   Author:packing machines pri

Automatic Multiple Drink Straw Applicator Machine For Juice Bag

Straw Sticking Machine,Automatic Straw Applicator Machine,Bag Filling Machine
1. Straight straw ,U-straw ,telescopic straw and other straws can be sticked on the surfaces of the packaging box.
2. The Straw Applicator is a full-feature machine designed for continuous service with minimal maintenance requirements, simple operation, and maximum production speeds.
3. The standard machine incorporates a host of standard features not normally found on competitive straw applicators, all designed to optimize plant uptime,improve performance, simplify servicability, and maximize your profits!

Compact but Durable
1. The Straw Applicator has a footprint only 48" wide by 36" deep. It features a welded, tubular stainless steel frame and all its components provide full washdown capability.
2. All operational components (except the hot-melt glue unit) are contained within the compact frame dimensions.

Maximum Production Capabilities
1. The machine has a production capability of up to 7,800 packs per hour.
2. It is adaptable to handle all popular straight, U-type, and telescope-type straws.
3. Straw feed is directly from a straw megabox, or (optionally) from a straw reel holder.

User Friendly Control System
1. The straw applicator features a programmable logic controller and simple-to-use operator control panel.
2. It also has a multi-function beacon light to alert the operator to changes in machine operational status.
3. The PLC system can (optionally) be equipped with modem communication to allow remote machine timing and/or troubleshooting by a our technician, if ever needed.

Durable welded tubular stainless steel construction.
All mechanical drive; no pneumatic moving parts.
Production capability of up to 7,800 packs per hour.
Adaptable to handle straight, U-type, or telescope straws.
Extremely accurate and consistent straw placement.
Maintenance friendly with fully accessible components and no lubrication required.