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Beer Canning Filling Line

Source:automatic filling machines price     Date:2019-09-11 06:52   Author:packing machines price

 Automatic 1000CPH 330ml 500ML Craft Beer Canning Machine For Beer Canning Filling Line

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  This beer canning machine is my company's introduction of German Technology, combined with the characteristics of beer production industry, designed to develop craft beer filling equipment. The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved filling, sealing and other functions.

1. It's beer canning machine is available for aluminum can with 250ml, 330ml, 500ml. It can meets many kinds of can type to fill in a one machine.

2. The stable running capacity of beer aluminum can filling is 1000 cans per hour based on 500ml can, to be customized.

Filling- Sealing 2 In 1 Monoblock Beer Canning Machine

Filling Part Of  Beer Canning Machine

Sealing Part Of  Beer Canning Machine

Special Advantages

  The beer canning machine is our factory star product. We are famous in producing carbonated drink and beer filling machine in our local industry.

1.Automatic Frequency Stepless Speed Adjustment 

2.Complete Set of CIP Clean Connection Ports

3. Lubrication  System

We are manufacturer with more than 20 years' experiences. Choose us, we'll be your Mr right Supplier.

More Capacity Of Beer Canning Machine For Choice
Model List
Model 12-1 18-4
Filling Heads 12 18 20
Capping Heads 1
Capacity(CPH) 1000-2000(330ml) 5000-6000(500ml) 10000-12000(500ml)