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Coconut Oil Bottle Filling Machine

Source:automatic filling machines pri     Date:2019-07-11 20:49   Author:packing machines pri

Factory Price Fully Automatic Liquid Production Line Coconut Oil Bottle Filling Machine

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Structure & Performance
♦This machine can be made to 2-12 filling nozzles. The speed of conveyor belt can be adjusted. It is made of imported stainless steel frame bracket. Japan Mitsubishi touch screen etc.

Special configuration:
♦Efficient anti-leakage and dripping. Automatic falling and raising design make it better for foam products. It is with positioner for sensor the bottle mouths. The filling (nozzles) quantity can be added according to client's requirement.
♦It's suitable for filling oil products, syrup, shampoo, chemical and fruit juice, liquid etc. The filling nozzle will be automatically inserted into the bottle and carry out the filling and then rapidly a scend, which can be reduce the air bubbles.
♦This machine integrates electric and pneumatic fuctions into one, with reasonable design, stable performance, accurate quantity, glass table surface, automatic bottle feeding, steady operation without noise, electric speed control to filling speed and filling volume and convenient maintenance and cleaning. The new type filling equipment is the best choice for the realization of automatic production.

1) Accurate measurement: The servo control system to ensure that the machine can reach a constant position of the piston.
2) Variable filling speed: In the filling process, a slow speed can be applied when close to the target filling volume to prevent fluid polluting the bottles.
3) Convenient adjustment: Replacing the filling specifications can be done in changing the parameters in the touch screen. And all the filling device can be fixed. Fine-tune can be finished in the touch screen too.

Technical parameters: 
Model Filling volume Filling speed Filling precision Air pressure
4 heads 100-1000ml 1500-2600pcs/h <±1% 4-6Mpa