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automatic weighing sachet coffee beans packaging machine

Source:packing machines manufacturer     Date:2019-08-05 20:53   Author:packing machines price

High speed automatic weighing sachet coffee beans packaging machine

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This automatic coffee beans packaging machine is equipped with a microcomputer control system with english dispaly and a smart temperature controller to ensure beautiful and smooth seal. May automatically complete such discontinuous operations as measuring,filling,bag marking,counting,printing etc. Lower consumption,high efficiency, safety and cleanness,it's an ideal equipment which can be used for packing food,tea,herb,dry powder,granules,seeds,grain,wheat,beans,small hardware and components etc.
What is the features of our coffee beans packaging machine?
1. Full stainless steel ,food grade and energy saving.
2. Microcomputer control can do fully automatic packing and more precise and fast.
3. Double vibration device,it's good for packing almost all kinds of powder or granule.
4. Divided design, high efficiency,low noise equipment,running smoothly.
5. Easy to operate,filling weight can be set directly on display.
6. Coiled material : plastic fim,laminated film,aluminum foil and other compound materials which can be heat sealed.

Model 300G
Type:  weighing,filling and packing
Filling Range: 1-10g or 10-200g (can customized)
Filling Speed: 40-60 sachet/Minuts
Packing Sachet Size:  width 4-14cm/lenght 5-20cm (can customized)
Packing Accuracy: ±1%
Available Coiled Material:  plastic film,filter paper,aluminum foil,laminated film,non-woven fabrics etc
Roll film thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power Supply: AC220V/110V
Dimension(cm) 920x920x1800MM
Weight: 300kg