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washing powder packing machine

Source:packing machines manufacturer     Date:2019-09-06 07:03   Author:packing machines price

Factory  automatic packing machine for powder,omo washing powder packing machine

Washing Powder Packing Machines,Semi-automatic Packaging Machine,Packaging Machine Factory
 Technical characteristics
1. English and Chinese screen display,it is simple to operate.
2. The function of PLC computer system is more stable, and it's more easy to adjust any parameters.
3. It can stock ten datas, and it's simple to change the parameters,
4. Sever motor drawing film, which is good to accurate location.
5. Independent temperature control system, the precision is accurate to 11'C.
6. Horizontal, vertical temperature control, suitable for various of complex film, PE film packing material.
7. Packing type diversification, pillow sealing, standing type, punching etc.
8. Bag-making, sealing, packing, printing date in one operation.
9. Quiet work circumstance, low noise.

Machine Specification
Packing material OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,PET/PE(etc complex film)
Bag-making size 400mm(L)
Packing speed 5-60bags/min
Max. width of film roll 520mm
Measuring range 6000ml
Air consumption 0.7CBM/mi n
Voltage 220v/50HZ
Power 4KW
Product size 1400*1000*1500mm
Product size 500kg
Air consumption 0.65mpa
 10- 5000g Auger Powder Packing Machine for Flour is our company developed a new generation of smartpacking machine unit, using the principle of electronic weighing packaging materials, the use of fast, mediumand slow three-speed screw feeder mode, with high precision, high speed, free dust pollution. For powder,powder mixed materials, flaky materials quantitative packing.
10-5000g Auger Powder Packing Machine for Flour are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and foodindustries. Such as raw materials, flour, milk powder, starch, sugar, additives, fertilizers, feed, plastic powder,new building materials and other industries.