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Sugar Rice Packing Machine Price

Source:packing machines manufacturer     Date:2019-07-10 21:37   Author:packing machines pri

Sugar Rice Packing Machine Price Granule Packaging Machine For Sale

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Automatic packaging machine  is suitable for many kinds of granular materials, like rice, beans, seeds,candy,salt,sugar,detergent powder and other regular products; potato chips, banana slices and other fried and puffed food, pasta, frozen food and other irregular products.

It is  feeding, making bags, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting,dating at one times automatically.

Item   LM-200G   LM-250G   LM-350G  LM-400G
Output 5-70 bmp 5-70 bmp 5-50 bmp 5-50 bmp
Filling Range 100ml-1200ml 100ml-3000ml 100ml-5000ml 100ml-15L
Bag Length 50mm-300mm 80mm-360mm 100mm-400mm 100mm-500mm
Bag Width 80mm-200mm 80mm-250mm 120mm-350mm 120mm-350mm
Bag Type
Pillow Bag, Gusset Bag
Bag Material Heat Sealable PE film & Laminatd Film, such as PE/PET, PE/AL/PET, BOPP, LDPE, etc.
Film Thickness 0.05mm-0.09mm
Film Roll Inner Diameter 75mm
Film Roll Outer Diameter Max. 350mm
Max. Film Width 420mm 520mm 720mm 720mm
Gas Consumption 0.3m3/min 0.3m3/min 0.5m3/min 0.8m3/min
Air Consumption 0.65mpa 0.65mpa 0.65mpa 0.65mpa
Power Voltage 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power 2.2Kw  4Kw 5Kw 5Kw
Machine Dimension  (L x W x H) (mm) 1470 x 1160 x 1450 1570 x 1255 x 1600 1745 x 1362 x 1700 1600 x 1530 x 2110

Main Features

1) Color touch screen with industrial PC, all machine parameters can be adjusted and saved within this EN/CN HMI for a very flexible and quick change over machine.
2) All main important electrical components from FRENCH SCHNEIDER for reliable running and long service life.
3) Pneumatical sealing blocks
4) Servo film-pulling
5) Capacity to program Data for 10 products.
6) Independent temperature control system, accuracy up to ±1℃, which makes it possible to use various packaging film.
7) Automatic stop when being opened by untrained personnel.
8) Closed structure frame construction, made of stainless steel 304.
9) Environmental, low noise and clean working area.

10/14 Multi-heads Weighter
★ Max. Weighing Capacity: 6500g
★ Max. Weighing Speed: 60bpm
★ Volume of single bucket: 1600ml
★ Weighing range of single bucket: 10-2000g
★ High accuracy of single bucket: 0.1-1.5g


★ Food Grade Material: SUS304 + White PP 
★ Closed conveying, avoid food contamination
★ High speed: 3-8 m³/h
★ Conveying height: 1.8-4m, customized
★ Very easy to assembly/disassembly/clean Platform
★ Material: SUS304 or carbon steel
★ Safe and stable with guardrail and ladder
★ Used to fixe combination weigher for good accuracy
★ Make it easy to adjust/maintain combination weigher
★ Facilitate clearance of weigher and elevator


Take-away Conveyor
★ Adjustable speed: 50-300mm/s
★ Convey height: 870mm
★ Conveying distance: 1500mm
★ Conveyor belt width: 300mm


Rotary Collecting Table
★ Adjustable rotary speed, easy to operate
★ Material: SUS304
★ Height: 700mm
★ Diameter: 800mm or 1000mm