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  • Collar Former

    Collar Former


    Collar Former Pull the film with double stepper motors,making different shape of the bag type.

  • Take-away Conveyor

    Take-away Conveyor


    Take-away Conveyor ★ Adjustable speed: 50-300mm/s ★ Convey height: 870mm ★ Conveying distance: 1500mm ★ Conveyor belt width: 300mm

  • Z Shape Elevator

    Z Shape Elevator


    Z-Shape Elevator ★ Food Grade Material: SUS304 + White PP ★ Closed conveying, avoid food contamination ★ High speed: 3-8 m/h ★ Conveying height: 1.8-4m, customized ★ Very easy to assembly/disassembly/clean

  • Bucket elevator

    Bucket elevator


    Bucket elevator

  • Guacamole liquid packing machine

    Guacamole liquid packing machine


    Best Price Automatic Plastic Brown Rice Syrup liquid/Guacamole liquid packing machine Features: Back sealing, three-side sealing, four-side sealing packing method; The packing data and adjustment can be displayed on the screen. The user can

  • rice seeds nuts Packaging Machine

    rice seeds nuts Packaging Machine


    Large Vertical Form Fill Seal peanutriceseeds nutsPackaging MachineUp To 3.5kg Application:Commodity, Food Packaging Material:Plastic Type:Multi-Function Packaging Machine Function:Filling, Sealing Packaging Type:Film, Pouch, Stand-up Pouch